With this unusual trick, white sneakers become clean again

You love your white sneakers over everything, but are afraid to wear them, because otherwise they could become dirty? This is now over! From now on, you can wear the classics everyday without worrying about them. We’ll tell you how to get your darlings clean again very quickly.

Place your cloth sneakers face down in the top tray of the dishwasher and wash them at the lowest temperature. Already they look like new again! After the rinse, you can simply stuff them with newspaper. So you make sure that they keep their shape after drying.

But beware: Leather sneakers are not allowed in the dishwasher. The cleaning hack is only suitable for sneakers made of fabric!

Even more tricks for clean sneakers:

1. ALWAYS impregnate your shoes after purchase. It protects you and makes cleaning a lot easier.

2.Dirty laces are easy to clean: thread them out and soak in gall soap for 15 minutes. Then they come in a cloth bag and are washed in the washing machine.

3.With make-up or baby towels you can easily remove dirt. This hack works especially on the sole.