Give a stylish gift – luxury bags from Cartier

About timeless classics, urban individuality and creative elegance – because we love the feast of love the most. For the beloved mother, the faithful sister, the best friend or the successful daughter, a gift should be a sign of special appreciation and affection.

Every year, each one of us raises the question of which gift the loved ones could enjoy at Christmas. A thank you for all the beautiful moments, experiences, events that hold us together forever. Cartier combines these elements in the unique bag collection “Marcello de Cartier” and in the “Cartier Evening” series – the most beautiful form of giving.

The bowling bag has been considered a true classic among Cartier handbags for five years. Soft calf leather, white stitching, high-quality pendants with the Cartier logo, a color-coordinated interior and numerous details stand for understatement and simple fineness. A woman wearing this bag is in the midst of life, full of energy and pure self-confidence. Like the entire Marcello collection, there is also the bowling bag in three different color options – in a mysterious black, a warm shade of red and in exciting cognac.

The satchel bag is similar to the design of the original college bag. The unique style gives her a feminine, contemporary and urban look, combined with a touch of nostalgia and romance. A precious piece, completed with exquisite materials, a perforated double C on the inside of the rollover, openwork corners, saddlery and their ingenuous simplicity. A casual and casual bag that can be worn perfectly at the elbow, over the shoulder or in the hand – designed from the functional aspects of everyday life. Perfect for all big-city heroines who know exactly what they want.

The new models in the “Cartier Evening” series are not just luxurious storage options for glamorous events. We consider them much more than small works of art, full of creativity and innovation. Unique shapes meet a detailed workmanship: a casket, made of goat leather, with a closure made of lacquer and a golden, unmistakable finish – and of course the imprinted Cartier Paris lettering. Her owner is a lady who sets with simple styling and a strong personality on simple elegance.