Which evening dress fits my figure?

In order to find the perfect evening dress for you, you should also make sure that it flatters your figure. The figure of a woman is roughly incorporated into 5 different types. Depending on it, it is necessary to hide certain problem areas and to find other body parts. If you pay attention, nothing stands in the way of a glamorous performance. Which figure types are there and what you should consider when choosing the perfect evening dress, we show you here.

This type of figure is widely used by us. The upper body is a lot narrower than the lower body. The hips are relatively wide compared to the chest area and shoulders, and the waist is slim. Many women with an A-figure are very dissatisfied, as they usually have strong thighs and a luscious butt.

It is important that the evening dress brings a balance in the overall picture. You should balance the slightly wider hips by emphasizing your slender upper body and waist. So it’s perfect to look up. The best way to do this is to dress your waist with belts and fitted evening dresses. It also allows everything that balances your upper body compared to the lower body, ie more striking patterns, gathers or shoulder pads. Generally you should bet on muted colours like black, gray or dark blue. They hide and visually cheat away a few pounds. Perfect are the loose-fitting prom dresses, with flowing fabrics and best combined with a belt at the waist.

The apple type is exactly the opposite of the pear figure. The shoulders are wider than the hips. The lower body, from the waist down, is usually narrow and not very curvy. Women with a V-figure are less curvy in the hip area and usually have very slim legs. In contrast, the chest area is usually lush.

You have slim and beautiful legs with graceful restraints and a narrow body center. You should emphasize these two games. Women with a V-figure often put on fat in the arm and back area. These should be concealed. What you should definitely avoid are wide cutouts, such as the U-boat shape and evening dresses, which have a turtleneck. These two details emphasize the shoulder area.

Wrap prom dresses and waist belts evening gowns are perfect for highlighting your slender middle. Since your shoulder is more pronounced, you should stage discreetly. Perfect choose is short evening dresses with long sleeves. You can emphasize your beautiful legs with shorter dresses.  There are classic short evening dresses, for example, go to the knee and have a hoop skirt. The typical cocktail dresses is not as pompous as the classic evening gown is. However, it is still happy to wear on festive occasions.

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