Red lipstick – why you should wear the classic everyday

Red lipstick is a never-ending beauty trend – and there are countless reasons for that. We have the best four arguments why you should wear red lips in everyday life.


Red lipstick is an absolute classic and should not be missing on the make-up table any more than black mascara. Pretty much every woman wears at least occasionally red lips. But in everyday life, many people are afraid to emphasize their lips so – wrongly, because we find red lipstick should be part of the make-up every day.


“Red lips should kiss” This line of songs manifests itself in many women’s heads and causes them to emphasize their lips often only on special occasions or to go out with red lipstick. They are afraid to look frivolous or even as overdressed or considered a sex object. Completely wrongly, because there are studies that prove that there are good reasons to put emphasis in everyday life on red lips and that red lipstick is also not too gaudy for the office.

Surely you know the feeling that your self-confidence grows when you feel good. Many reasons can contribute to such a good feeling, for example when you get attention. Red lipstick provides exactly that – after all, red is not for nothing a signal color that attracts many looks. So, if you have another day when you do not feel so comfortable in your skin, just put on some red lipstick and you will hardly be able to save yourself from compliments and admiring glances.

Women with well-groomed make-up are perceived to be more competent than unvarnished women. As early as 2011, a New York Times study showed men and women taking photos of women who had different make-up. The result was that women with red lipstick and eye make-up were consistently rated more competent and more serious than women without makeup.

Red lips are sexy and who looks sexy and looks good gets more money Рat least in catering, as evidenced by a study by the French university Universitè de Bretagne-Sud. According to this study, women with red lipstick as a waitress, bartender or in similar jobs got much more tips than their colleagues without.

Honestly at the latest when you have reached your 18th birthday you do not want to be older. On the contrary, as you get older, you rejoice over every person who appreciates you younger.