Who decides on the style of the brideamaid dresses?

The role of the bridesmaid is not to be despised: In addition to the whole organization before the wedding, she is always on the big day for the bride. Thus, the bridesmaids outfit inevitably comes into focus – and the question of who can actually determine the bridesmaid dresses.

The question of outfit choice is one of the most important items on the organization list of every wedding. Because both the bride and the bridesmaid must be content with the looks of the day – if you have several bridesmaids, the choice becomes even trickier.

For here not only different tastes, but also different types and figure forms must be united. The most burning question, however, before going into the details, is: Can the bride choose the bridesmaids’ outfits? Or does she have to settle for the dresses chosen by the bridesmaids?

Basically, the bride and groom must be satisfied with their day, and this includes the looks of the bridesmaids (and of course the male groomsmen, but with the suit choice but generally less “wrong” can do). After all, they are always with the bride and groom, and when in doubt, see lots of photos. That’s why the bridesmaids should not feel totally uncomfortable in their clothes, because that’s what you finally realize.

So how do you find a compromise that satisfies both sides? As a bridesmaid you should orientate yourself both to the wedding dress, as well as to the prevailing color concept and style of the planned wedding. If the bridal gown is long and elegant, the bridesmaids should also resort to long dresses. If the decoration draws about the color blue, the bridesmaids should also take this color.


The bridesmaids have the most fun with a dress in which they feel comfortable – and that they can not wear only on this one day. If the bride wishes something more unusual, she should think about a cost-sharing in the purchase of the dress. Otherwise, the classic A-line dress flatters any figure type, whether curvy or slim, feminine tones of the middle color palette such as turquoise or lilac stands light and dark skin types and match any hair color.

Conclusion: The dress should be festive, but not too noticeable. So bridesmaids are not in danger of stealing the show from the bride, but they still look beautiful on their side and underline the look of the bride.

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