Invest quickly in a Burberry trench coat: That’s why the classic is now cheaper

Trench Open! Number one in the timeless classics – and this season’s favorite again, thanks to Brexit: Burberry trench coat.

Why? Well, there are purely economic reasons: Because the Brexit decision, ie the historic referendum with the result that Britain is leaving the EU, naturally also influences the British currency. To be more precise, since the referendum on 22 June 2016, the value of the pound sterling has been reduced by about ten percent compared to the euro. The consequence of the weakened currency: lower prices.

According to the online magazine Business of Fashion , the UK is currently the cheapest luxury goods market. Plain: A classic trench coat from Burberry costs about 1395 pounds. Converted today are about 1657 euros – compared to about 1823 euros before the Brexit.

Granted, the all-time favorite still does not make a bargain. But every fashion professional knows, a classic coat is probably the most important investment in the wardrobe. Because he is like a business card – in the coat you arrive.

Side note: The same calculation applies to all Brit labels, such as Mulberry, Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen. The catch for anyone who does not just happen to be on holiday in the United Kingdom: to benefit from the exchange rates, the parts must be purchased locally.