Professional “permanent” eyelash extensions

If you want your lashes to last as long as possible and definitely look great, we recommend going to the Eyelash Stylist. The great thing is that the extensions of different lengths are perfectly matched to your eyelashes. This creates a very natural look. Especially beautiful are so-called silk eyelashes made of silk protein. The advantage is that they are very light and flexible, just like real eyelashes. This adds to the natural look and you will not realize that it has been helped.

If you are a proud bearer of silk eyelashes then some things are taboo. You must not use mascara and tongs. But with the eyelash extension you will have great curly and full eyelashes and definitely not miss these two beauty utensils. In addition, you should be careful when removing make-up no oily products to use. The oil dissolves the adhesive and thus the extensions.

It is recommended that the artificial eyelashes be replenished every 3-4 weeks. In week 2, it usually happens that isolated eyelashes fail. However, this is of course the case with real eyelashes. Only in week 3, it may be that the gaps are a bit larger and the whole thing does not look so nice. At the latest then you have to go to refill.

One possibility is to simply cancel the artificial eyelashes. However, this may look a bit ugly after a few weeks, since then sporadically long eyelashes frolicking between your eyelashes. The best way is to go to your stylist. She removes the extensions with a special remover gel.