Which evening dress fits my figure?

In order to find the perfect evening dress for you, you should also make sure that it flatters your figure. The figure of a woman is roughly incorporated into 5 different types. Depending on it, it is necessary to hide certain problem areas and to find other body parts. If you pay attention, nothing stands in the way of a glamorous performance. Which figure types are there and what you should consider when choosing the perfect evening dress, we show you here.

This type of figure is widely used by us. The upper body is a lot narrower than the lower body. The hips are relatively wide compared to the chest area and shoulders, and the waist is slim. Many women with an A-figure are very dissatisfied, as they usually have strong thighs and a luscious butt.

It is important that the evening dress brings a balance in the overall picture. You should balance the slightly wider hips by emphasizing your slender upper body and waist. So it’s perfect to look up. The best way to do this is to dress your waist with belts and fitted evening dresses. It also allows everything that balances your upper body compared to the lower body, ie more striking patterns, gathers or shoulder pads. Generally you should bet on muted colours like black, gray or dark blue. They hide and visually cheat away a few pounds. Perfect are the loose-fitting prom dresses, with flowing fabrics and best combined with a belt at the waist.

The apple type is exactly the opposite of the pear figure. The shoulders are wider than the hips. The lower body, from the waist down, is usually narrow and not very curvy. Women with a V-figure are less curvy in the hip area and usually have very slim legs. In contrast, the chest area is usually lush.

You have slim and beautiful legs with graceful restraints and a narrow body center. You should emphasize these two games. Women with a V-figure often put on fat in the arm and back area. These should be concealed. What you should definitely avoid are wide cutouts, such as the U-boat shape and evening dresses, which have a turtleneck. These two details emphasize the shoulder area.

Wrap prom dresses and waist belts evening gowns are perfect for highlighting your slender middle. Since your shoulder is more pronounced, you should stage discreetly. Perfect choose is short evening dresses with long sleeves. You can emphasize your beautiful legs with shorter dresses.  There are classic short evening dresses, for example, go to the knee and have a hoop skirt. The typical cocktail dresses is not as pompous as the classic evening gown is. However, it is still happy to wear on festive occasions.

With this unusual trick, white sneakers become clean again

You love your white sneakers over everything, but are afraid to wear them, because otherwise they could become dirty? This is now over! From now on, you can wear the classics everyday without worrying about them. We’ll tell you how to get your darlings clean again very quickly.

Place your cloth sneakers face down in the top tray of the dishwasher and wash them at the lowest temperature. Already they look like new again! After the rinse, you can simply stuff them with newspaper. So you make sure that they keep their shape after drying.

But beware: Leather sneakers are not allowed in the dishwasher. The cleaning hack is only suitable for sneakers made of fabric!

Even more tricks for clean sneakers:

1. ALWAYS impregnate your shoes after purchase. It protects you and makes cleaning a lot easier.

2.Dirty laces are easy to clean: thread them out and soak in gall soap for 15 minutes. Then they come in a cloth bag and are washed in the washing machine.

3.With make-up or baby towels you can easily remove dirt. This hack works especially on the sole.

Give a stylish gift – luxury bags from Cartier

About timeless classics, urban individuality and creative elegance – because we love the feast of love the most. For the beloved mother, the faithful sister, the best friend or the successful daughter, a gift should be a sign of special appreciation and affection.

Every year, each one of us raises the question of which gift the loved ones could enjoy at Christmas. A thank you for all the beautiful moments, experiences, events that hold us together forever. Cartier combines these elements in the unique bag collection “Marcello de Cartier” and in the “Cartier Evening” series – the most beautiful form of giving.

The bowling bag has been considered a true classic among Cartier handbags for five years. Soft calf leather, white stitching, high-quality pendants with the Cartier logo, a color-coordinated interior and numerous details stand for understatement and simple fineness. A woman wearing this bag is in the midst of life, full of energy and pure self-confidence. Like the entire Marcello collection, there is also the bowling bag in three different color options – in a mysterious black, a warm shade of red and in exciting cognac.

The satchel bag is similar to the design of the original college bag. The unique style gives her a feminine, contemporary and urban look, combined with a touch of nostalgia and romance. A precious piece, completed with exquisite materials, a perforated double C on the inside of the rollover, openwork corners, saddlery and their ingenuous simplicity. A casual and casual bag that can be worn perfectly at the elbow, over the shoulder or in the hand – designed from the functional aspects of everyday life. Perfect for all big-city heroines who know exactly what they want.

The new models in the “Cartier Evening” series are not just luxurious storage options for glamorous events. We consider them much more than small works of art, full of creativity and innovation. Unique shapes meet a detailed workmanship: a casket, made of goat leather, with a closure made of lacquer and a golden, unmistakable finish – and of course the imprinted Cartier Paris lettering. Her owner is a lady who sets with simple styling and a strong personality on simple elegance.

Red lipstick – why you should wear the classic everyday

Red lipstick is a never-ending beauty trend – and there are countless reasons for that. We have the best four arguments why you should wear red lips in everyday life.


Red lipstick is an absolute classic and should not be missing on the make-up table any more than black mascara. Pretty much every woman wears at least occasionally red lips. But in everyday life, many people are afraid to emphasize their lips so – wrongly, because we find red lipstick should be part of the make-up every day.


“Red lips should kiss” This line of songs manifests itself in many women’s heads and causes them to emphasize their lips often only on special occasions or to go out with red lipstick. They are afraid to look frivolous or even as overdressed or considered a sex object. Completely wrongly, because there are studies that prove that there are good reasons to put emphasis in everyday life on red lips and that red lipstick is also not too gaudy for the office.

Surely you know the feeling that your self-confidence grows when you feel good. Many reasons can contribute to such a good feeling, for example when you get attention. Red lipstick provides exactly that – after all, red is not for nothing a signal color that attracts many looks. So, if you have another day when you do not feel so comfortable in your skin, just put on some red lipstick and you will hardly be able to save yourself from compliments and admiring glances.

Women with well-groomed make-up are perceived to be more competent than unvarnished women. As early as 2011, a New York Times study showed men and women taking photos of women who had different make-up. The result was that women with red lipstick and eye make-up were consistently rated more competent and more serious than women without makeup.

Red lips are sexy and who looks sexy and looks good gets more money Рat least in catering, as evidenced by a study by the French university Universitè de Bretagne-Sud. According to this study, women with red lipstick as a waitress, bartender or in similar jobs got much more tips than their colleagues without.

Honestly at the latest when you have reached your 18th birthday you do not want to be older. On the contrary, as you get older, you rejoice over every person who appreciates you younger.

Who decides on the style of the brideamaid dresses?

The role of the bridesmaid is not to be despised: In addition to the whole organization before the wedding, she is always on the big day for the bride. Thus, the bridesmaids outfit inevitably comes into focus – and the question of who can actually determine the bridesmaid dresses.

The question of outfit choice is one of the most important items on the organization list of every wedding. Because both the bride and the bridesmaid must be content with the looks of the day – if you have several bridesmaids, the choice becomes even trickier.

For here not only different tastes, but also different types and figure forms must be united. The most burning question, however, before going into the details, is: Can the bride choose the bridesmaids’ outfits? Or does she have to settle for the dresses chosen by the bridesmaids?

Basically, the bride and groom must be satisfied with their day, and this includes the looks of the bridesmaids (and of course the male groomsmen, but with the suit choice but generally less “wrong” can do). After all, they are always with the bride and groom, and when in doubt, see lots of photos. That’s why the bridesmaids should not feel totally uncomfortable in their clothes, because that’s what you finally realize.

So how do you find a compromise that satisfies both sides? As a bridesmaid you should orientate yourself both to the wedding dress, as well as to the prevailing color concept and style of the planned wedding. If the bridal gown is long and elegant, the bridesmaids should also resort to long dresses. If the decoration draws about the color blue, the bridesmaids should also take this color.


The bridesmaids have the most fun with a dress in which they feel comfortable – and that they can not wear only on this one day. If the bride wishes something more unusual, she should think about a cost-sharing in the purchase of the dress. Otherwise, the classic A-line dress flatters any figure type, whether curvy or slim, feminine tones of the middle color palette such as turquoise or lilac stands light and dark skin types and match any hair color.

Conclusion: The dress should be festive, but not too noticeable. So bridesmaids are not in danger of stealing the show from the bride, but they still look beautiful on their side and underline the look of the bride.

All bridesmaid dresses image contributed by Chicregina

Invest quickly in a Burberry trench coat: That’s why the classic is now cheaper

Trench Open! Number one in the timeless classics – and this season’s favorite again, thanks to Brexit: Burberry trench coat.

Why? Well, there are purely economic reasons: Because the Brexit decision, ie the historic referendum with the result that Britain is leaving the EU, naturally also influences the British currency. To be more precise, since the referendum on 22 June 2016, the value of the pound sterling has been reduced by about ten percent compared to the euro. The consequence of the weakened currency: lower prices.

According to the online magazine Business of Fashion , the UK is currently the cheapest luxury goods market. Plain: A classic trench coat from Burberry costs about 1395 pounds. Converted today are about 1657 euros – compared to about 1823 euros before the Brexit.

Granted, the all-time favorite still does not make a bargain. But every fashion professional knows, a classic coat is probably the most important investment in the wardrobe. Because he is like a business card – in the coat you arrive.

Side note: The same calculation applies to all Brit labels, such as Mulberry, Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen. The catch for anyone who does not just happen to be on holiday in the United Kingdom: to benefit from the exchange rates, the parts must be purchased locally.

Professional “permanent” eyelash extensions

If you want your lashes to last as long as possible and definitely look great, we recommend going to the Eyelash Stylist. The great thing is that the extensions of different lengths are perfectly matched to your eyelashes. This creates a very natural look. Especially beautiful are so-called silk eyelashes made of silk protein. The advantage is that they are very light and flexible, just like real eyelashes. This adds to the natural look and you will not realize that it has been helped.

If you are a proud bearer of silk eyelashes then some things are taboo. You must not use mascara and tongs. But with the eyelash extension you will have great curly and full eyelashes and definitely not miss these two beauty utensils. In addition, you should be careful when removing make-up no oily products to use. The oil dissolves the adhesive and thus the extensions.

It is recommended that the artificial eyelashes be replenished every 3-4 weeks. In week 2, it usually happens that isolated eyelashes fail. However, this is of course the case with real eyelashes. Only in week 3, it may be that the gaps are a bit larger and the whole thing does not look so nice. At the latest then you have to go to refill.

One possibility is to simply cancel the artificial eyelashes. However, this may look a bit ugly after a few weeks, since then sporadically long eyelashes frolicking between your eyelashes. The best way is to go to your stylist. She removes the extensions with a special remover gel.